Thursday, 10/23

I collected independent novels to check the last fourth at the start of class. Many students did not have it finished; they should consider turning it in Friday or early next week for partial credit. Next, we discussed as a class some of the rhetorical elements — purpose, appeals, tone, style — that This I Believe essays have in common. After this, we returned to Google Classroom to begin work on the This I Believe brainstorming activity. Students completed agree/disagree statements, five writing prompts, and some pre-writing questions, all designed to help them come up with a single belief that could be illustrated in a series of personal anecdotes. This activity took most of the rest of class, though several students had time to return to the Independent Novel essay prep digital handout from last class. At the very end of the block, we went over the assignment details and rubric for both the This I Believe essay and the Independent Novel essay.


  1. Finish annotating your independent novel if it was not done on time today
  2. Complete the novel essay prep handout by 3:00 on Friday afternoon
  3. Start working on your Independent Novel essay.