Thursday, 11/6

All TIB and Independent Novel Essays should have already been turned in. As a reminder, all that were turned in on time are eligible for revision after I grade and return them. Any that are not turned in right now are zeros; once they are turned in, they will receive full credit upon being graded, but the option to revise unexcused late essays will be revoked.

Today we spent the first part of class finishing up reading “The Allegory of the Cave.” Then we discussed this challenging text and the argument that Plato (via Socrates) is making. (We also watched a short video interpretation of the allegory.) After this, we read an interesting online essay — “Physical Salary” — that relates to the Ehrenreich text and how much people are paid. We discussed the introduction to that book and students’ small and medium questions to wrap up class. Homework: make sure you’ve read/annotated the Intro and the Florida chapter in Nickel & Dimed for Monday.