Tuesday, 12/9

At the start of class, I reminded students one more time that revised and late TIB and Independent Novel Essays must be turned in by 2:30 p.m. on Friday, 12/12. Students then wrote a quick paragraph detailing the changes they made in their second draft of the de Botton essays from Friday, and then they turned in this paragraph along with both drafts of the essay. Next, we returned to discussing current events and the importance of staying up on the news. I gave students a small list of news sources that I typically go to when I want to learn more about an event:

We briefly discussed each of these sources, and then students picked a few (or their own source), browsed the front pages, and found an article about a current event they know little to nothing about. After reading the article, students completed and gave one-slide presentations (details on Google Classroom). After these presentations, we turned to our last argument text before the final — Michael Pollan’s 2006 essay “What’s Eating America.” Students read this and completed a notes handout until the end of class. We will pick up here on Thursday.