Thursday, 9/18

A busy day today! I started by collecting the annotated articles students found for our Socratic seminar on the culture of football. Then we reviewed tone and shifts in tone before watching Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech,” which we evaluated for tone/shifts. After discussing King, we returned to the Marquart passage and evaluated it for tone/shifts. I then directed students to revise their Marquart essays, organizing around shifts in tone rather than writing about one appeal in each body paragraph (see the slide deck for more instructions). After this, I checked independent novels while students wrote small & medium questions for our seminar, which we held immediately after. We didn’t get to seminar very long, though, as I wanted to give ample time to work on the seminar reflection during the last 10 minutes of class:

  • Based on your reading and the discussion you had with your classmates, what responsibility do sports teams and/or leagues have to make sure their players live up to certain expectations of conduct?
  • Have teams and/or leagues, particularly in football, lived up to these responsibilities? Cite examples. Explain why they’ve done enough OR where they’ve fallen short.

Homework: spend no more than 40 minutes on your Marquart revision; finish the seminar reflection if you were not able to in class.