Tuesday, 9/2

I collected Mice seminar reflections at the start of class. Then students received the Lincoln Rhetorical Analysis prompt from 2002’s exam. We talked a little bit about the prompt and the task of this essay, with the promise of more to come soon. We had our final discussion of Mice where students had the opportunity to ask any lingering questions and I asked about Steinbeck’s purpose with the novel. Next, I introduced the Claim, Data, Commentary pattern of writing argumentative paragraphs, and after some practice, students evaluated their year-round school essay’s body paragraphs (color-coding each type of sentence with colored pencils or highlighters) to see how well they’re already writing this way. Students then picked one body paragraph to revise for better use of this pattern; these revisions were turned in right at the end of class. Homework: annotate the Lincoln prompt for Thursday.