Wednesday, 9/24

We started class today with some follow-up. First, the Miss America Organization responded in a blog post to the John Oliver clip we watched on monday, so we read that and talked briefly about its tone. Then we continued our discussion of the situation in Jefferson County schools, which has escalated to three (and counting) days of student walk-outs and protests as well as a piece in The New York Times. After this, students separated their independent novels into four parts and had some time in class to start reading and annotating; see the slides for more details, including dates of reading checks. During the last part of class, I introduced the essay “Learning to Read,” an excerpt from The Autobiograph of Malcolm X. Students read and annotated this in class, and then began a handout detailing all of the rhetorical choices he makes that line up with our studies of rhetoric thus far. Homework: finish reading/annotating “Learning to Read” if you did not finish it in class; try to make some more progress on the handout, as we will have limited time to finish it in class on Friday; also, make some more progress on your independent novel.