Monday, 4/20

Our end-of-year PARCC testing started today, and it took most of the class. During testing, I checked annotations for Part 1 of Capote. After everyone finished testing, we briefly discussed everyone’s questions about Part 1 of Capote. Then students reviewed the Orwell essay and finished the handout from last class. We discussed the essay and Orwell’s use of rhetoric, and then we transitioned to argument. Using another handout, students began outlining an argument essay agreeing or disagreeing with Orwell’s position in “Shooting an Elephant.”

Tuesday, 4/14

Back from spring break, we reviewed my plan for the rest of the semester. Then I handed out copies of In Cold Blood and introduced the book. Then students read, annotated, and outlined a practice Rhetorical Analysis essay. There was a little bit of reading time available at the end of class to begin the Capote text. Homework: read and annotate the Capote essay according to this reading schedule:

  • Part 1 due 4/20
  • Part 2 due 4/28
  • Part 3 due 5/4
  • Part 4 due 5/12

Wednesday, 4/1

On this shortened day for late start, I checked part 4 annotations, went over Independent Novel #2 Essay assignment details, and led students in some discussion of the Alexie essay from Monday. Homework: your essay over Independent Novel #2 is due at 7:30 a.m. on 4/14 via Google Classroom (or, if absolutely necessary, you may turn in a handwritten copy at the start of class on 4/14).

Tuesday, 3/24

Today was day 3 of PARCC testing for juniors. This test was shorter than the others, so we had some time today to discuss the First Amendment and the Supreme Court in preparation for our next Socratic seminar topic: license plates in Texas. I handed out two articles — one from The New York Times and another from Aljazeera America — and students began reading these and annotating them. We will continue with this on Thursday. Homework: annotations for part 3 of your independent novels are due on Thursday.

Monday, 3/16

I collected independent novels at the start of class to check part 1 annotations. Then, picking up where we left off Thursday, we further discussed how to read visual sources and the packet of examples. We ended this lesson precisely in time for students to do a timed Synthesis essay on the Postal Service prompt; the only alteration I made to the prompt was that students were required to use the visual source. Homework: part 2 annotations in your independent novel are due on Friday.

Thursday, 3/12

I gave students information about the AP test in May to start off class today, and they got time on the Chromebooks to complete their registration for this important test. It is my expectation that all AP Lang students register for and take the test! Afterwards we quickly discussed course registration for next year. We spent the rest of the class talking about how to read visual sources from some examples I provided from previous AP Lang tests. Homework: get part 1 of your independent novel read and annotated by Monday.

Tuesday, 3/10

Students who had them turned in their copies of Huck Finn today. Then we divided up the second semester independent novels into four parts. The due dates for each part are:

  • part 1 due 3/16
  • part 2 due 3/20
  • part 3 due 3/26
  • part 4 due 4/1

Then we talked about PARCC testing, which will take place on 3/18, 3/20, and 3/24. I showed students a practice test on the screen and we talked about how to perform successfully on these tests. I gave students some time at the end of class to begin/continue reading their independent novels. Homework: start reading your independent novels; bring your copies of Huck Finn back on Thursday if you didn’t have it today.

Wednesday, 2/25

Due to various factors, I postponed the Huck Finn test from next Monday to next Friday. In class today, we went over the Synthesis prompt/essay from the mock exam. After discussing the prompt and sources, students re-wrote body paragraphs — one about who or what deserves a monument or memorial, and another about how do we best build a monument or memorial. Homework: finish Huck Finn if you haven’t already.

Monday, 2/23

The research paper was due this morning at 7:30 a.m. on Google Classroom. I reminded students of late/revision policy for research papers, and then went over details of the Mock Exam essays. I handed back the Argument and Rhetorical Analysis essays and discussed their prompts and scoring guides. I also briefly handed back the Synthesis essays so students could record their scores for all three in the Google Docs spreadsheet I previously shared with each of them to calculate their AP score for the mock exam. Students then had a bit of Huck Finn reading time at the end of class. Homework: finish reading/annotating the novel for Wednesday