Tuesday, 1/27

After reminding students of the second Saturday Study Session on February 7, I talked students through the multiple choice scores and the Google spreadsheets I used to share them. Using this spreadsheet, students can predict their 1–5 AP score on the Mock Exam by entering various guesses for the three essays, and they can also play with the MC score to see how changing that will also affect the AP score. Next, I performed a little experiment using a number puzzle and giving certain students a slight advantage. This led into a discussion of the dominant culture — what it is and how those outside of it sometimes have a more difficult time achieving success because of the inherent inequities of society. This took us not only to a brief discussion of the upcoming research project, but also the inequities we’re already seeing with characters in Huck Finn. In returning to the Twain novel, we talked about satire some more, and I showed another satirical video; this one, being a satire of the dominant culture, was particularly apt to our class today. Students finished with a little bit of Huck Finn reading time. Homework: read and annotate through the end of ch. 12 (p. 80 in my copy of the novel) by next Monday.