Monday, 2/2

After collecting copies of Huck Finn so I could check annotations, I reviewed what students had in the past learned about research note-taking, and then I discussed with them some suggestions I had for note-taking for our research project. We also talked about my research page on this site, to which I will continue adding resources for the duration of this project. After reviewing EasyBib (see link on research page), students returned to the research project itself to refine and narrow their topics. At the end of class, I gave out a quick assignment via Google Classroom, asking students to tell me about their topics, note-taking strategy, and any questions they had for me. Homework: Please read to the end of ch. 22 in Huck Finn (p. 161 in my copy) by Tuesday, 2/10, to the end of ch. 33 (p. 242) by Tuesday, 2/17, and finish the novel by Wednesday, 2/25