Wednesday, 3/25

We continued working on the poetry summative assessment today. Students continued completing the worksheet for imagery, musicality, and figurative language by finding examples of poetic devices in “The Lanyard”. I also walked students through how to convert the information on the worksheet to power paragraphs. The goal by the end of class was to have the worksheet finished and two of the three power paragraphs finished. Homework: if you haven’t met the above goal, please get caught up before the start of Friday’s class.

Monday, 3/23

The You Choose a Poem assignment in Google Classroom was due at 7:30 this morning. If you did not turn it in, you should absolutely turn it in late rather than taking a zero. We dove into our poetry unit summative assessment today by starting this worksheet — students had the option of completing it on paper or Classroom. Students received a copy of “The Lanyard” last class — they will need to identify poetic devices and analyze the effects of these devices on the tone and meaning of the poem. We will continue working on this essay throughout the week.

Thursday, 3/19

Students worked for about an hour on their You Choose a Poem assignment that they began last class in Google Classroom. The rest of class was spent introducing “The Lanyard”, the poem students will be writing about for their Poetry Summative Assessment next week. Homework: finish the You Choose a Poem assignment in Google Classroom if you didn’t get it done in class; it’s due at 7:30 a.m. on Monday, 3/23.

Tuesday, 3/3

To start class today, we reviewed the schedule and procedure for PARCC testing next week. Then we shifted back to poetry with a Nikki Giovanni poem and handout where we looked at the concrete representation of abstract concepts through the accompanying discussion questions. Homework: using the second page of the handout, make a list of vivid imagery details about a place you love; write a poem in the same style as Giovanni’s on your own paper.

Tuesday, 2/24

At the very start of class, we went over the EasyBib export tutorial and students turned in their research papers via Google Classroom. Then, to bridge from our last unit into our next one on poetry, I read an interview with Sherman Alexie from The Atlantic in which he talks about how poetry made him want to be a writer. To end class, we read together the Billy Collins poem “Snow Day” and practiced paraphrasing as a close-reading skill.

Friday, 2/20

I was away from school today. Students completed a test over The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian — a power paragraph they had to outline and write in class. Homework: finish your research paper by the start of class next Tuesday; we will spend the first bit of class making sure everyone’s Works Cited gets migrated from EasyBib into the assignment on Google Classroom.

Wednesday, 2/18

We began class where we ended last Friday — working through some prompts and writing to help get to a concise thesis statement. We also talked about what will go into the introduction and conclusion paragraphs after students finish writing their body paragraphs. Students had a little bit of work time before we discussed the end of the novel in preparation for the test on Friday. Homework: you must have the novel finished by Friday; your research paper needs to be completely finished by the start of class next Tuesday, at which time I will walk everyone through how to move the Works Cited over from EasyBib to Google Classroom.

Friday, 2/13

Today was our last reading day, with the goal for students to finish the novel if they hadn’t already. Then students had work time to continue typing Power Paragraphs from their research. We spent a few minutes at the end of class starting to talk about thesis statements; we didn’t get as far as I’d hoped, so we’ll continue this next week. Homework: finish the novel, if you haven’t yet; continue working on typing body paragraphs, but don’t worry about the intro or conclusion yet.

Wednesday, 2/11

I gave students 30 more minutes of novel reading time at the start of class. After this, I returned the notecard evaluation handouts I collected last class. Then I walked students through choosing their most completely researched inquiry question so they could outline and begin typing their first (Power Paragraph) body paragraph of the research paper in Google Classroom. Homework: finish typing this body paragraph you should have started in class; if you still have research to finish, work on that as well.